Saturday, November 26, 2011

Techinline – Browser Based Remote Desktop Software

Techinline is a web browser based remote support software tool that helps you connect with your clients, friends or family sitting far off. Like any other remote desktop sharing tool it has all the features like FTP tool, chatting and messenger application, remote desktop viewer and clipboard. The software can be used for making and giving presentations of the internet.
Most of the of Remote Access Softwares that works after installing in our HDD, but there are certain softwares as well which works on Browsers orientation without installing it in our PCs. Techinline is of the best Remote Access software that work on browser and you don't need to install it on your system and increase system load. To use this remote application just install a add-on in browser. After that open the browser and start the session. Techinline remote desktop enables users to view and take full control on remote computer.

Features - 
  1. Share your desktop with remote computer and use the remote computer with the main computer. 
  2. Web browser based remote desktop application which provides you easy to navigate services.
  3. Easy to start the remote desktop session.
  4. Reboot and reconnect the remote computer without interrupting the session. 
  5. Secured and reliable connection with remote computer.
  6. Get all the reports of any session and save them in any format like PDF.
  7. Easily chat with other remote clients.
  8. Auto adjustment of screen.
  9. Transfer and receive files.
  10. Display your details like company's name and logo to remote desktops.
 They offer their 15-Day Free Trial for those who are interested to run their own evaluation. You can get more details at

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Make Your Windows Genuine!

You can Activate your windows by Using "7Loader" That helps you making your windows Genuine . It stops "Windows not Genuine" notification.
-Just run loader.
-Select your computer manufacturer.
-Click on install 7 loader and your windows is genuine now

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